Unravel India Warli Hand painted Terracotta Hanging Bell

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This hanging bell is made of terracotta, brought to you from Uttar Pradesh and decorated with the Warli art, native to the tribals of Maharashtra. It is handpainted with acrylic colours in blue, red and yellow. Replace your electric bell with this exquisite bell and enjoy a digital detox whenever a guest arrives.

ART: Acrylic Painting,Terracotta Pottery

REGION: Uttar Pradesh

CLUSTER: Azamgarh, Ghaziabad

Color: Blue
Dimensions: (H * Dia) = (4 * 3.7) Inch
In the box: One Hanging Bell
Brand: Unravel India
COD: Available
Dispatched within 3-5 days
Handpainted with Acrylic colors
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About the Art
Teracotta Pottery : Take a stroll down any sidewalk in India and you would notice a plethora of beautifully crafted teracotta potteries in all shapes and sizes. Teracotta potteries have nicely transitioned from the rural to the urban setting.

Acrylic Painting : The Acrylic Paintings of Uttar Pradesh and elsewhere reveal the artistic transcendence of Indian art. The grattages engendered by the fusion of black with the brightest tints are especially sought-after.