Unravel India Terracotta Shankh Wind Chime

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The multi cloured wind chime is hand painted with acrylic paints, the chimes being the five Shankhs- a sacred Hindu object otherwise known in English as conch shells. Made in terracotta and arranged in layers, the chime produces a pleasing sound when hung in the direction of wind. The beads put through the string add to the radiance of the masterpiece.

ART: Acrylic Painting,Terracotta Pottery

REGION: Uttar Pradesh

CLUSTER: Azamgarh, Ghaziabad

Color: Multicolor
Dimensions: (W * H) = (8.1 * 24) , Bells(D * H) = (2.5 * 2.5) Inch
In the box: One Windchime
Brand: Unravel India
COD: Available
Dispatched within 3-5 days
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About the Art
Teracotta Pottery : Take a stroll down any sidewalk in India and you would notice a plethora of beautifully crafted teracotta potteries in all shapes and sizes. Teracotta potteries have nicely transitioned from the rural to the urban setting.

Acrylic Painting : The Acrylic Paintings of Uttar Pradesh and elsewhere reveal the artistic transcendence of Indian art. The grattages engendered by the fusion of black with the brightest tints are especially sought-after.