Hey ladies, don’t we all just love wearing sarees? Ask your mom or your grand mom what her favourite piece of attire is, and the answer will definitely be a saree! Considered as an elegant form of clothing, saree is every Indian woman’s favourite wear! Every other Indian state has a different form and different way of wearing a saree. Each kind has a story to tell- story about its fabric, its draping style and its culture! This 6 yards long cloth is a powerful Indian icon!

Types of sarees every woman should be a proud owner of!


You can never have enough of this versatile Indian wear.  The hand-woven traditional pieces of sarees include Banarasi, Patola, Paithani, Chanderi, Kanjeevaram, Bandhani, Nauvari, Tant, Silk and the list never seems to end!  These timeless beauties rocked the look back in time, years ago and even today, they seem to be considered as the ‘never dying Indian beauties.’

Banarasi saree
Made in the city of Banaras, this kind of saree is India’s prized possession. These classic sarees are made in four varities- pure silk (Katan), organza which is fine kora with zari work, Georgette saree, and Shatir saree. Years ago, these sarees were known for their gold and silver brocade(zari), but now, the read gold and silver has been replaced by gold and silver coloured thread! The prints on the sarees are of jasmine, betel nut leaves, marigolds, diagonal stripes and panna hazaar! Intricately designed, this grace should occupy a place in your wardrobe.


Patola saree
This bright beauty is all the way from Gujarat! The Patola hand loomed silk saree is uniquely designed with geometrical patterns, stripes, dancing figures, elephants, floral designs and so on. Depending on the pattern of weaving, the Patola saree comes in two varities- Rajkot Patola and Patan Patola. The Rajkot Patola is done in single ikkat while the Patan Patola is double ikkat style.  Also available in cotton, these sarees are a pride of Gujarat. I bet you almost fell in love with it!

Patola Sarees

Paithani saree
The pretty Paithani sarees are the native of Maharashtra. Made of silk, these sarees are usually plain or spotted with golden border and pallu. These Paithani sarees are finely weaved, sometimes having two threads of different colour to create that unique effect. Existing in bright colours, these sarees are surely a must have!

Paithani Sarees

Chanderi saree
Prepared in Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh, this light weight saree is woven of a mixture of silk and cotton. These elegant sarees are made of sheer fabric and looks very graceful. Jari brocades with embroideries of different patterns and floral designs adorn the sarees. Get your hands on this delicate saree and believe me, you won’t regret!

chanderi sarees design

Kanjeevaram saree
It is no wonder that Kanjeevaram saree is the queen  in south India Sarees! Woven in a small town of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu, these kinds of sarees are expensive! Kanjeevaram sarees are made up thick kanjee silk and therefore lasts a lifetime. The sarees are embellished with prints of parrots, peacocks, tribal designs, and contemporary patterns and so on. Offered in bright colours, this loveliness will steal your heart.


Bandhani saree
Crafted with tye and dye technique, Bandhani sarees are a creation of Rajasthan and Gujarat. These sarees are traditional yet chic and displays unique small spots. Shop these vivid coloured sarees and you will for sure make a style statement.


Nauvari saree
You might have definitely noticed the bollywood actresses dancing wearing the nauvari saree. Haven’t you? Yes, you got it right! Remember Madhuri Dixit in that song “Humko aaj kal hai intezaar” where she was draped in a nauvari saree. It was beautiful wasn’t it? This Maharashtrian attire has a unique draping style and is 9 yards in length. Made of different materials and designed with different patterns, this saree is surely a win! Buy this nauvari saree and you could do some lavani and feel like the next Madhuri Dixit or Vidya Balan!

Nauvari saree

Tant saree
This traditional saree of West Bengal is woven in cotton threads, and is sheer and light. It is available in different designs and all colours. This simple saree can be worn anywhere and you will rock the look effortlessly!

tant sarees

There are various other types of sarees which need a mention be it Pochampally sarees in Andhra Pradesh, the Ikat sarees in Orissa or any saree from any part of India. They are all India’s legacy and will continue to be!  With time, these latest designer sarees have come up and have added to India’s list of sarees.

These 6 yards long piece of cloth are our culture and it speaks of our Indian heritage! Growing up in India, I always raid my mom’s wardrobe looking for that perfect saree but can never make up my mind. Is it the classy silk saree or the simple cotton saree which is just right!

Nishu Jain



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