Essence of Punjab : Phulkari Dupatta

India is a diverse country where all states, all religion and their culture has its special essence and has its magic. India has been famous for its originality and its richly diverse culture, people love to conserve their culture through their art and craft. One such conserved artwork is from Punjab. 

Punjab is known as “the land of five rivers”. It is famous for its food and Sikh community where people are brave and bold and most important very helpful. It has a rich tradition of art and craft and the state richness is depicted through its handicrafts. One of the famous craftwork of Punjab is the Phulkari Art.






Phulkari means “flower work“, Phulkari chunri is every Punjabi girl dream, first styled by the romantic protagonist ‘HEER & RANJHA‘. This artwork was bought from the Indian subcontinent by the migrant Jat. Technique and way of stitching were originally not documented but verbally said. The heritage was preserved with Sikh but was also shared with Hindu and Muslim. But was extinguished with time, it made a comeback after the India and Pakistan partition. For people in Punjab, it is not just a style but a family tradition. 

How it is stitched?

It is stitched with hands using the coloured silken thread, on the wrong side of the cloth.

(Image: The Sunday Tribune)

Earlier it was done by women as there free time activity when they were done with their household work the ladies use to sit together and gossip around while stitching the dupatta. But now it is converted into more serious business. From an entertainment activity, it has now become a profession for the women of Punjab. 

Phulkari has become a style statement for the women of Punjab, and even worn by other women all over India. The demand has spread all over India, as it adds beauty to women personality.



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