Music Beats no Indian can get enough of!

No one can deny that music resides in the heart of every India. Pull the right string and there you see Indians dancing to it. Here is a list of a few genre of Indian music that people do not seem to get enough of.

  1. Punjabi Beats
    More than half of the Indian hearts beats sync with Punjabi music. These beats are energetic, and haves the capacity to bring any music lover to tap their feet and move their heads. With the right beats you can make them do bhangda whole night. No can ever get enough of the light, lovely and happy music that a Punjabi song provides.
  1. New Bollywood Culture
    There are a huge number of fans rising for the Yo Yo Honey Singh’s music. With a combination of new desi lyrics and upbeat music, his songs never go out of any playlist. This music is a mixture of the Bollywood tadka with Hollywood raps. So, whether it is ‘Char bottle Vodka’ or ‘Aunty police bulalegi’ we cannot deny the fondness that people have for his songs.
  1. The Unplugged Beats                                                                                                                   Another big category is the craze for the unplugged music. These are basically the covers sang by various artists in studios, Coke Studio is the most popular outlet of such music. It brings out variety of effects to the original songs by singing it with mix for their own flavours and ragas; and using a range of musical instruments; and creating a totally different atmosphere for the song.
  2. Sufi Songs
    Sufi songs have also accounted for a wide range of audience. Surely, these songs may not make you stand on your feet and dance but they will touch your heart with their deep, touching and beautiful lyrics. We cannot forget to give them credits for their simple yet mesmerizing music, with the combination of some amazing voices.
  3. The Evergreen Songs  
    Many songs get released every week, and they fight their way to be in the playlist for the longest time. Even though the new playlist has all the newly released songs of the year, we cannot forget out huge audience who still crave for all the classic old songs. As our elders put it, “They are more meaningful songs”, which, well.. to each to his own taste. But these songs do have the magic of their era that has helped them survive this long. Irrespective of the age, these songs beats in hearts of many Indians.
  4. Regional Masala    
    Last category, but not the least, we have the regional beats. These beats are particular to region, only in a sense that the local people would seem to enjoy it to a great extent, such as Marathi, Bengali, Kannada songs. These songs have their own fun element with the craziest lyrics and loud upbeat music. However, there is no rule that these beats cannot cross boundaries. When it comes to an Indian heart, it always beats for such music.



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