7 Tips to keep in mind while travelling in India.

With its diverse culture and unparalleled range of landscapes, India certainly needs to be explored. A land like no other, India is bordered by the snow capped mountains of the Himalayas in the North and the merging water of the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal in the south. Before plunging on a trip around this colourful land, you must learn some dos and don’ts by heart! Have a look.


 1. Dress accordingly.

This tip is especially aimed at the female travellers! Because India is a conservative country, you must dress accordingly. You will be travelling by public transports and in between crowds of all kinds, so wear loose fitted clothes and carry a stole too!

Note: Ladies, you can preserve your suitcase full of shorts for city walks or for the beaches of Goa.

2. Clean Washrooms are low in number.


Finding clean public loos in India can be difficult. There are a lot of public toilets all over the country, but they are all swarming with germs and what not! (disgust is the word). So, your bags should be full of toilet papers, sanitizers and wet wipes! Also, you must use the restrooms in the restaurants and cafes which are definitely better than peeing in public toilets.

3. Night is not the time.

People, if you are travelling solo, you should avoid wandering off at night especially in India. You can expect some evil at night if you are travelling to an unknown place. Do all your fun things during the day and get some rest at night. Start off your travel series early in the morning. ‘Early to bed, early to rise’ is the tip!

 4. Make an itinerary.

Because India has lots of amazing places to offer, you must definitely make an itinerary before you depart on a trip. You can go to the mountains, the beaches, the dessert, the palaces, the shopping streets or the jungles. You name it, you have it. Select a place where you want to travel to, then make a list of all the must see spots in and around the place, the transport you will be using, the accommodation and everything else. Do a good research on the place before you set on the journey! You certainly do not want to miss out the eye candies, do you?

     5. Be a pro at bargaining.

Whether you are shopping or hiring a taxi, you can always bargain in India. The rule is: if the shopkeeper does not agree on the rate fixed by you, you should say “Rehne do bhaiya, nai chahiye” and walk away slowly. Expect the shopkeeper to come behind you and give you the stuff at the price set by you! This works most of the times.

  6. Safety first.

Your safety is in your hands. Be alert and use padlocks and security codes on your luggage. Prefer a backpack as it is easy to carry them around and promise to travel light! Do not trust anyone and everyone blindly. Better safe than sorry, so do not let the taxi drivers, coolie,your guide or any other person fool you!

7. Money is the deal.

Carry your debit and credit cards. But also carry cash with you! Imagine getting stuck in a situation where there are no ATMs nearby and you have got no money, or what if you are in a restaurant, you have gulped down the food but then you see they don’t accept cards and there are no ATMs close by, Or worst of all, imagine if your cards get stolen? Sounds scary right? So carry extra cash and tuck them away! It’s all about the money, honey!

Follow these tips and you are good to go!



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