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From the tea sets that are made of durable plastics for young ladies, to the higher forehead, sensitive bone china administrations of the imperial family, tea sets are an essential piece of Western culture and are one that was embraced from the East and kept on being utilized by youthful and old.




Whether the event is a gathering that is tossed by a three-year-old for her dolls and squishy toys, a wedding shower, or simply the average evening tea that is served by numerous British social orders and in addition on extraordinary events by other Western societies, the segments of the tea set are commonly the same and don’t stray from a particular gathering of parts. There are easygoing tea sets and ones that are more formal that have included components, yet the center gathering continues as before, paying little mind to the level of complication and of the wide assortment in value focuses. Taking in the historical backdrop of the tea set, including the different segments of the tea set and their devoted purposes, and in addition realizing where to best discover and buy a tea set to address the issues of every individual customer, is the initial step.


Tea and tea sets are probably the most common and expected sightings when we have a guest over. The very idea of tea is to refresh, reinvigorate and strengthen bonds. We have had various encounters over a cup of tea and the reach of this aromatic beverage is far and wide. Lovers bond over tea, old grandparents chuckling with the family over an evening tea, a high end tea party or the morning tea with a closed one. Tea finds a place for every mood and occasion. If you remember your college days, an evening tea by the road with friends was a must. We have a variety now, with a host of various types of teas now thrown open, even the health aficionados now savour the green and herbal tea. India is a tea crazy country and the statistics vouch for that. We are the second largest tea producing nation behind China but the world’s largest consumer of tea. Such is our love that back in 2013, the Planning Commission even considered making tea the national drink. We produce the famous Darjeeling and Assam tea as well as the masala cutting chai.




As Indians, the fondness for tea is inherited and the tea parties must be frequent then. That Indian feeling will come alive when the tea sets you use have as much of the Indian flavor in them as your tea. An Indian would love to flaunt it and take pride in the heritage we exclusively have when it comes to tea. The colors that our artisans and potters understand perfectly and with which you would relate totally.


I have made a list of my favorite tea sets, all of which are readily available on Unravel India.

The first in the list is the Bamboo Print Ceramic Cup and Saucer set, which is a set of uniquely beautiful and stunning cups. They are stoneware material and fuse the Indian and Chinese tea cultures seamlessly as the paintings on it are an example of stonework paintings in Khurja, Uttar Pradesh and the Chinese Yin-Yang design. The saucers are deep and gracefully accumulate the cups. You have a high tea at your home, or tea to be sipped while sitting next to your window in winters, the Bamboo Print is a perfect choice.


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An amazing gift from an art lover to another, these quirky flower paintings, apart from bringing the feel of medieval fresco art of India to your table might also trigger the conversation about how skilled are the stone workers of Khurja. Khurja cups are one of the most sought after and easily available around. Bone China cups have always ruled the market and never go out of fashion. It perfectly complements your tea brewing skills and leave the guest astounded as these paintings on porcelain weave a magic. The symmetrical patterns and contrasting colors which go seamlessly well with the patterns on the saucers will impress you.


The vibrancy of this tea set is contagious. When you put it to use on a bright fresh morning in the lawns, the world will be a little brighter and sunny. These bright red saucers and the white cups not only comprise a complete tea set, but also complete the sipping experience. The flowery prints add to your beautiful mornings at your breakfast table.


-Shyama Gupta



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