Lights that will win your heart

Every night as I look out of my apartment, the city looks as if it is decorated with lights for Diwali. The streets, flats, houses seem to glow in the dark night. And the stars in the sky seem dull. It shows how the city never sleeps and it’s awake even after the sunset. This picture of the city is impossible without the lights.

With the rapid growth of lighting business we can now produce different effects at home. There are luminaries available in the market for home decor. You can now decorate your kid’s rooms, living room, bedroom, balcony or terrace with beautiful stylish lights. They allow you to produce different effects in each space which can be altered as per the requirement, occasion or application.


Traditional handmade lighting decor provide a wide range of lights decorative products. These products bring into picture the contrast between modern and traditional. The design and colour combinations pitch in the traditional effects while the produced effect gives it a modern touch.

These decor are made of various materials. The most common among them is the one made of terracotta. These lamps and lanterns are further designed using paints. Each of the paintings reflects the traditional culture or specialty of a particular state such as Madhubani art, Warli, Sanjhi art and so on. It is another way of imprinting one’s rich tradition that has been carried forward to the generations. Every pattern and design stands for a symbol. Every stroke of paint brush dipped in a particular provides texture to them.


What fascinates me is the creativity that exists in their minds. I never thought that pictures of beautifully decorated deities can be illuminated using a leather puppetry. And as you light the lamp at night the picture glows as well as lights up the room. This new area of light decor has become another successful outlet for one’s imagination.

They also have wooden products. The stands are carved and painted. The curves, although done with hand, never look shapeless. They are smooth, tough and strong. Some of the top covers are made of wooden buffs–the outer covering of the grain. It requires a tedious effort to filter the buffs in order to make paper films which later are used as the top cover of the lamp. And some are artistically cut in a way that they illuminate light in various patterns. These wooden cutting are tiny and at times the cuts may seem random. But, every piece follows certain pattern which is different from the other. When the light reflects these patterns, they spread out across the room giving it a totally different look with beautiful reflection on the floors and walls.

Their beauty can be seen even during day time where they still stand out as unique pieces of art. They are not like the normal bulbs or lamps which people hardly notice during day time. The colour combinations, patterns and the material that is used make it look attractive. One can spot miniature drawings of animals and humans doing a lot of things. And tiny patterns that are so constantly built that it’s hard to spot an error. They are carved and cut into different shapes. Most of them are made of such precision that one may find it hard to believe that they are handmade. It represents their fine hand skills.

What amazes me is the different shapes of the lamp from top to bottom. The stand is beautifully designed with curves, edges and patterns. The patterns vary with the shapes which gives it a different look from the other. It becomes hard to decide if the stand is the most attractive part of the lamp or the cover at top which carries design patterns. And when the light illuminates through them, the pattern lights up making it look more attractive.


These lights give an aesthetic touch to the home. As per the desired effect, one can pick one for their houses. The products range from simple and elegant to colourful and stylish decorative. Some are simple and sober but beautiful in their own way. And give a different touch to the room.

The amazing thing about these decorative is that they are at power with the modern decorative. It provides the traditional touch which many people now-a-days prefer because it easily dwells in today’s lifestyle as well as helps one protect the traditional Indian handicraft culture.

One cannot skip the lights while decorating one’s home. They add to the appearance of the home. And one can bring in more effects to one’s home with them throughout the year.



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