India Runs On Chai!

“Chai chai” I hear a voice calling out. A voice, that is far away. In no time, the voice gets louder and it wakes me up! My head hurts and I see a gunjee clad boy selling chai. I need some chai and it is then I realize that I am on a train. I buy tea from the vendor and occupy the window seat and all I can think about is chai.

Thoughts about chai dwell in my mind and I lose myself in it. Dating back to Ancient India, the people grew addicted to tea and even today, the story remains unchanged. There is kadak masala chai, the nukkad wali chai, train ki chai, 5 star tea, elaichi tea, ginger chai, lebu cha (lemon tea) and the list never ends. This is what a day in India looks like. Garam garam chai is India’s favorite drink and why not?

Tea Cultivation in India thrives in Northeast and south India and around 10 regions can be identified- Darjeeling, Assam, Dooars and Terai, Kangra, Nilgiri, Annamalai, Wayanad, Karnataka, Munnar and Travancore. The superheroes among these are the Darjeeling tea and Assam tea. A sip of these will definitely rejuvenate you!

Tea, Chai

Taking a dig at the Assam tea, it is also known as black tea and is famous for its rich, strong malty flavor with deep-amber liquor. You will for sure want to sip Assam tea, the first thing in the morning! Its nickname being “breakfast tea”, Assam tea is extremely popular for its unique taste and bright liquor. Assam tea is certainly the most exquisite premium teas.

Considered as the “Champagne of teas”, Darjeeling grows the best tea in India. Darjeeling tea nestles in the foothills of the snow capped Himalayan range. It is actually Chinese tea that grows in the hills of Darjeeling and comes in variety of flavors that you cannot give a miss! It is the most exotic and expensive teas with a fine grapey taste. This magical tea is the outcome of the Indian soil with Chinese inheritance along with some fine harvesting and mountain magic! Taste this magic and experience the blend of golden liquor with floral Muscat flavor.

The desi masala chai is every Indian’s favorite! From fighting cold and flu to beating fatigue to boosting metabolism, masala chai has the super power to do it all! Being the spiced version of the good old Indian tea, the smell of this garam masala infused chai will make you fall in love and crave for it! Masala chai is the blend of black tea with spices like cardamom, elaichi, ginger, clove, black pepper and cinnamon. Imagine yourself on a cold winter morning wrapped in some warm blanket sipping this authentic spiced tea. Heaven sure is here!

Not for the love of taste but for yourselves! All you health conscious people out there, Green tea is the natural drink that can do wonders. Regarded as a medicine, Green tea has a long list of health benefits! Apart from helping in weight loss, it reduces bad cholesterol, protects against heart attacks, reduces the risk of high blood pressure and lowers the risk of diabetes. It also has lots of beauty benefits and also reduces the risk of cancer! Green tea is definitely the best natural tonic and you can put it this way, “Green Tea a day keeps the doctor away!”


Get it in a kullad on the roadside or in a cup in an expensive restaurant, chai remains the favorite of all! Called as the national beverage, chai cannot be replaced with anything. Be it the first morning sip, or the sip after a tiring day at office, chai is all you need!

Nishu Jain



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